Beginning of the last project - introduction and initial briefing; presentation.

"[...] To reflect the current climate and discourses we will give you initial themes which tie in with charities and social awareness rather than a brands and consumption. Emphasis on being able to use design as a tool to create function or aesthetics, but also discussion, debate or attention."

from the Project Brief

I'm very glad to start the last project also because we are given a huge amount of independence - that is challenging but intriguing at the same time.

From now the topics we were given are: SURROUNDINGS, SELF, SECURITY.

To chosen topic we have to prepare: research, project proposal, action plan and biblography in harvard format.

The emphasis on this project is on charities and social awareness - design as a way of raising topics that require discussion.

Today we were told only to rethink the topics and choose one that will be the starting point for our research. I looked again through presentation we were given and checked the names of charities we were given there. I am not from England so I did not know anything about them, apart from few. The topics I am considering now is either SELF or SURROUNDINGS.

To make it relevant to my experience I was brainstorming about any links to charities that I ever had and how this would help me to choose the most suitable topic for me - one that would give me the most of personal associations. The way I was thaught to look at the world was connected to environmental issues - my family was running a shelter for homeless animals and animals taken from laboratories. Apart from that I was always involved in Eart - cleaning activities and events as a kid. These are only few associations that I come up with today, but I need to think about it deeper. However, this suggested me that the topic of SURROUNDINGS would be probably more suitable for me.

I also signed up for tutorials on workflow and briefs tomorrow, hopefully this will give me some more guidelines how to start it. The amount of information I got today was huge and slightly overwhelming.

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