8/ Feb-unit 7(phantom)

For this project I want to force on the phantom, the phantom is a perception in the absence of external stimulus, that has qualities of real perception, it could affect all Perceptual nerves. Hallucination can occur in any sensory modality-like visual, auditory sense, olfactory, gustatory, tactile, proprioceptive which is own feeling, sense of balance, nociceptive(sense of pain), and conceptive (timeline). How can we believe that we seeing now is the truth or not? And do you think you can control your mind ?- hypnosis

So I want to try on how phantom connect (effect) with another part of sense, and how it represent(relate) with people’s phycology emotion, and also I want to know when the hallucination happen, can that stimulate a new emotion? and how it relate to the perception.

 for example, some artist use the visual illusion to create piece of art like Georges Rousse

 , reflection of mirror, or water refraction, colour illusion art.


 -multiple personality


 when we feel or see hallucination, how do we know that is not real?

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