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our other tasks i powered through and managed to get some results. the website we were told to have a look at and edit some code from was incredible. the amount of examples that were really great pieces of design were fantastic and really inspiring, but also really daunting. it was like standing in the louvre looking at the mona lisa and then looking at your sketchbook with a drawing of a little stick man in it. 

so after three Fridays with jaap and sion i can safely say that i can see the use of being able to use this skill to develop my own designs but it does not come naturally to me and i'd have to really work at it to be able to get to a point where i think my contributions would be at all useful to anyone including myself. however, i will not turn my back on it completely, and i'm open to the idea of collaborating with someone one day who gets on with coding much more than i do!

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