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this for me, was my toughest coding challenge yet. it took me so long to work out how to recreate the image i'd found, not least because i had made the very silly mistake of thinking my 0,0 grid point was in the bottom left of my sketch, much like the graphs i was used to in maths all those years ago... however once i'd finally realised that it was in fact the top left of my sketch it was then a trial and error to draw all the lines at the right angles. i was very chuffed with myself to get it all done. 

once that had been achieved and i'd given myself a breather, i revisited the sketch and edited the code not only to move, but also to have a reaction when the mouse was clicked and when the keyboard was pressed. that for me was also a massive achievement and even though on paper it's not a very substantial piece of code, to me it was a winner! 

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