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Frederic Vanhorenbeke's talk for me was the most inspiring. His work is so diverse and I love his style. He spoke about how he created his company bit by bit in big and small details, adding to the studio, experimenting in new areas, expanding to other countries. He doesn't only work with branding communication but also art directing and designing for himself.

Inpiring projects:

He created the Blanc Kara hotel's image (Miami) including the typography for the name, the room decoration and design, the advertisement, the merchandise (including music albums, clothing, bags, shampoo bottles), even a newspaper for the hotel. Every detail is thought of and it looks incredible. His clean cut, modern style really got to me (black and white, minimalistic shapes, clean, modern). It was also very inspiring to see how enthusatic he is about all these details.

Another project I really liked was his Okinaha project




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