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Kath and Julia spoke to us about what they do and how they work. They showed us a number of their projects including the ones demonstrated here. I put in these three examples to show a variety of things they do: logos (rebranding), advertising, merchandise, pamphlets, redesigning websites. It's all communication. In many of their projects they take small charities or businesses that are not able to communicate their importance or aim and fail to attract customers/ participants. They help these businesses to communicate their information to the public successfuly.

These are some of the projects I found relevant:

In transforming a cystic fibrosis charity (for example) they came up with 40 different logos to use, made leaflets, powerful advetrising, merchandise, worked with social networks to get the public interacting and communicate to them in a fast, easy and relatable way.

They made posters for the British Council to use in a language project teaching adults English. As supposed to "complicated diagrams and tables" they used humor, bright colours and simple bold images for the students to remember. 


They created advertisement for King's College London to raise money: posters with short questions demonstrating what they study and illustrating the words with bold images which the viewer will remember. I think what makes these images most interesting is the joining of some of the words such as map and brain.


As they said, they work with "CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING" which I think are the words which describe their work best. What I learnt from this talk is mainly the importance of research taking into account the target market (and the information to be communicated). Paying attention to what will catch the public's eye, what will stay in their heads, colour, photography, wording, illustration, so much detail.

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