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Damien Hirst has teamed up with photographer and long-time friend Rankin at Rankin Gallery LA for a new show. "Myths, Monsters And Legends" is the duo's recreation of the ancient world, re-contextualized for the modern day. Through a seamless amalgamation of their respective mediums, the two explore storytelling and figures from past civilizations.

Model Dani Smith was the inspiration for the creative process, and the concept for the show evolves around her. In stunning detail, the two artists collide to produce work that is direct and forceful, leaving little room to breathe as the images find their way into one's collective unconscious. The works are streamlined, and it's evident that the artists have profiles that ascend to the heavens. Yet, in this day and age, who would be able to attain such a mythical status other than the likes of Rankin and Damien Hirst? In an almost ironic manner, the figures are downplaying their superstar status by taking on the roles that were, at one time, mythical, but have since drowned in today's attention-deficient times.

Hirst himself is imagined as the fierce three-headed guardian of the underworld, Cerberus. Though the impact of the image would suggest Hirst's multi-faceted grip on the art world rather than obedient watchdog of Hades. Rankin and Hirst reinterpret ancient folklore, but remain firmly planted in the now, giving the work a distinct signature that immediately conjures up their respective profiles and reinforces their own mythology.

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