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I gave myself a full day to monitor multiple different inputs of data to come up with a system that I liked enough to pursue for a week. I tried various "experiences" like how many times you touch your face to your enjoyment of a cup of tea. The touching your face idea was tricky to monitor because its something you only do naturally when you're not aware of it, and so monitoring it was extremely tough! I ended up using my flatmate as a guinea-pig and I collected data from two hours from the day whilst we were watching television. I couldn't visualise any further way of developing this as a system nor as a map outcome so I moved on. Monitoring my cups of tea also had a similar outcome, although I enjoyed the process a lot more. I made a graph to look like a mug of tea and with different colours I plotted points throughout drinking of how much I was enjoying it. But again, I didn't want to see this through further. 

The other idea I'd had was tracking my levels of getting dressed and undressed throughout the day. It's something that everyone does so the system can be applied to anyone, and there's lots of data to collect as I broke down all the layers of clothes so that there were lots of points to plot. 

From my research I had discovered many ways of visualising time, it could be linear or circular or plotted on random points. I decided on a circular graph to resemble a clock face. Each segment was an hour of my day and each circle outwards was a different layer of clothing. I liked this method and I created a better graph to use for the week, and I used acetate to map each day. 

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