Idea that I have developed

The idea that I decided to develop is the second idea therefore; I have changed it slightly to make it into a an urban dictionary  which reflects to SLANG culture and Urban style of designing that I have enjoyed looking thought. It again inter links with my own style and the feeling of freedom from colours and use of background. I mainly used floral effect because it gives it a simple artistic point of view.

I really like this idea because it speaks about a culture that we live in and we hear nearly all the time some words are very old not necessarily modern which can be written in 1960s. I feel that these words have very hilarious meanings coming to look at the actual word in English dictionary at Oxford or Cambridge and then see this it has a complete difference in meaning even if it has the same spelling and pronunciation.

So in my idea I will made a visual of what we think it might mean and a box or bubble on the other side that says what it actually means, I realised when people were looking at it they would laugh or look at it with interested eyes as if these words are very randomly strange which is meant to be like that anyway. I can tell that I have achieved my goal throughout making this outcome.Yet,  designing it took very long time and finding the right picture and experiment I used this website to find the meaning of some of these words: 



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