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Young Child with swollen head courtesy- Image courtesy of Barcroft .com 

"Day-by-day, her head started growing bigger, she stopped wanting to eat, she would just lie in bed, it became very difficult for us to carry her and take her anywhere," says Roona's father Abdul Rehman says.
Roona's head grew to a circumference of 94 centimeters, almost triple the size of a normal baby.-
The image of what the human would look like with the compound eye resembled a swollen or over sized head, which reminded me of the case of 18 month old Roona (pictured above) who has a severely swollen head. The image also reminds me of tumors, which is a growth of excess tissue/muscle in the body , which could lead to deformity if allowed to grow. There are two types of main tumors the cancerous which spreads and the type which is not cancerous and that grows in one place.


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