development process











Part 1


Back to library, took all the books from my bibliography, and photocopied the most important, strongest and influental images in large size. I divided the pictures in 5 groups, representing the 4 chapter in the film (I. Bloom, II. Summer, III. Fall, IV. Au revoir) and one for general imagery about styling, set etc.. Then I cut the images and laid them out  in chronological order, following the script. These images represent the kind of scenes and mood I wanted for these chapters.




 download.php?file=2660583&embedded=1&textbox=2660602 download.php?file=2660584&embedded=1&textbox=2660602




Part 2


From the images, I started to make collages about the characters, styling and finally the scenes I wanted, mixing my illustrations and notes. This would help both me and people I work with at the shoot to understand my vision. The pictures above are about the styling, but also the "script "is presented this way.







Part 3


After the first shoot, I printed out the stills and photos and laid them on the table. Now I could see which scenes I still need for the film to fill in the gaps (the notes present each scene)








Part 4 



I moved the images from the shoot to my sketchbook, so that now I had the original collages that represented the kind of scene I wanted, and the final outcomes on the same page. This will help me when I continue the shoot to remember what kind of make up I need for each scene, so there won't be any unlogical changed in the styling.





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