Anatomia Barocca by Museo Zoologico "La Spevole" dell Universita a Firenze

Ghost in the Shell by Robert A. Sobieszek

Brain Story by Susan Greenfield

The Body by William A. Ewing

Portraits of the Mind by Carl Schonover

Aesthetic Surgery by Ed. Angelika Taschen

Dark Romanticism: From Goya to Max Ernst by Roland Borgards

Martin Myrone: Gothic Nightmares

The Sick Rose by Richard Barnett

Mental States by George Condo

A short history of the Shadow by Victor I. Stoichita

Light Fantastic by Max Keller

The Image to Come by Magnum, Cinematheque Francaise

Symbolism by Robert Goldwater

Henry Fuseli by Carolyn Keay

Doubleworld by Sarah Charlesworth

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