When starting this research about lace, I wasn't really inspired by the traditional use of it, or its qualities it is often linked to, such as transparency, lightness, purity etc.. In terms of color, lace is often made of white cotton or silk, which didn't inspire me this time at all. I started doing research about the way lace is being made and found a lot of tutorials and sewing pattern, which looked interesting aesthetically. The main quality was how the process requires precision; every thread has to be connected perfectly to each other, and repeated over and over again so that it finally starts to create a pattern.

These small jointed lines remind me of the human body, especially on the inside; the many functions only the brain has, are based on neural connections, even the most elaborate ones.






scans from The body : photoworks of the human form / William A. Ewing.

by Ewing, William A.






"An artifically coloured angiogram of the skull showing arteries in the brain.

It is through the circulation of blood that chemicals are brought from the brain to the body."





"The rapid growth of connections linking brain ceslls in the human cortex after birth"

scans & quotes from Brain Story by Susan Greenfield


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