the brain



"Electricity is currency in the brain. A tightly choreographed ballet of electrical currents constantly - and fathomlessly - flickers throughout the vast expanses of the neutral plains, engendering our every decision, every belief , every crush, and every aversion.

Your experience of red in Warhol?s Campbell?s Soup Cans, your feeling of helplessness in the face of death, your body?s reaction to a fall (along with its accompanying jolt of fear), and your most intimate secrets are all somehow carried by neurons that speak the language of electricity. Your very language faculty - learning English, deploying it in conversation, reading this book - is produced by their electrical activity. These neurons? currents were set into motion before you were born and will persist through sleep and consciousness until the final moments of your life.

You are the summation of the electrical activity in your brain."



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source: Carl Schnover: Portraits of the Mind 






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