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SOME USES FOR LACE INCLUDE;DOILIES,FASHION ,CURTAINS,RELIGIOUS PURPUSOSES, one single historical (fashion) item lace was popular for was the RUFF.

The ruff was the single largest user of lace, and the wearing of a ruff pretty much defines the Elizabethan age. In the 1560's the ruff had evolved into a large separate article of clothing tied on by strings that was introduced to England from France.1500's ruffs were almost entirely of lace, and because it came in narrow strips several had to be sewn together to form to make a large ruff which had to be supported by both starch and wire frames."Ruffs, on the whole were white, but were could be coloured with vegetable dye and were either pink, yellow or sometimes mauve. A pale blue colour was popular but Elizabeth disliked it and issued a statement" deterring it.


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