Cory Arcangel

Cory Arcangel is a leading exponent of technology-based art, drawn to video games and software for their ability to rapidly formulate new communities and traditions and, equally, their speed of obsolescence. It was in 1996, while studying classical guitar at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, that he first had a high-speed internet connection ? inspiring him to major in music technology and start learning to code. Both music and coding remain his key tools for interrogating the stated purpose of software and gadgets. In Super Mario Clouds (2002), for example, he disabled the vintage Nintendo game to leave only the iconic backdrop of blue sky and clouds; in Drei Klavierst├╝cke op.11 (2009) Arcangel recreated Arnold Schoenberg?s 1909 score of the same name by editing together YouTube clips of cats playing pianos, note for note, paw by paw. Outcomes can be surprising, funny and poignant, whether in the final form of installation, video, printed media or music composition, in the gallery or on the world wide web. Reconfiguring web design and hacking as artistic practice, Arcangel remains faithful to open source culture and makes his work and methods available online, thus superimposing a perpetual question-mark as to the value of the art

Cory Arcangel Mig 29 Soviet Fighter Plane, Clouds and OSX, 2016 Mig 29 Soviet Fighter Plane and Clouds (2005) Nintendo Entertainment System .nes Roms, Two Macminis running OS X, Nintendo emulators (Open Emu), variable multi-channel presentation Dimensions variable

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