Primary Research 

I think for this project it is very important for us to observe the design of products that are already on the market. Because usually the products that are already in the market had conducted at least simple marketing research so we can see what people will like to purchase and why.


1. Volte Dace, 21 Great Ormond Street, WC1N 3JB

 Volte Face is a small shop that sells a lot of different kinds of special and unexpected products. Below are some photos of interesting products I saw in the shop. 

-There is a series of gift cards that are cleverly designed. Instead of 2D cards, the designer turned it into a small 3D decoration that customers can also hang them in their house. (Shown in picture 2,5,6,7)

-The design of the hanging globe is also really clever too, it allows customers to record the places they have been to. This gives the product a sense of functionality, but at the same time really decorative. (Picture 1)

     download.php?file=2593987&embedded=1&tex download.php?file=2594009&embedded=1&tex download.php?file=2594014&embedded=1&tex download.php?file=2594015&embedded=1&tex

 download.php?file=2594025&embedded=1&tex download.php?file=2594030&embedded=1&tex download.php?file=2594032&embedded=1&tex  download.php?file=2594034&embedded=1&tex download.php?file=2594039&embedded=1&tex 


2. Design Museum shop, 224-238 Kensington High Street London, W8 6AG

- The difference with the previous shop is that the products selling in the Design Museum shop all have interesting packaging. 

-I especially like the packaging shown in picture 1, the use of material and the use of colours made the product feel really organic. 

-However when talking about products that are hard to understand, I find the ones in picture 5 & 6 matched this point. Both of them are really cute and decorative but they are lacking functionality. 

-I really like the idea of calendar in picture 8 & 9, because usually when we think about calendar it is grids on a big page but this one is a cube that you can interact with it by ripping off the days that passed.  

download.php?file=2595417&embedded=1&tex download.php?file=2595422&embedded=1&tex download.php?file=2595435&embedded=1&tex download.php?file=2595441&embedded=1&tex download.php?file=2595449&embedded=1&tex download.php?file=2595460&embedded=1&tex download.php?file=2595501&embedded=1&tex download.php?file=2595545&embedded=1&tex download.php?file=2595565&embedded=1&tex

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