I was interested to see how people and other critics had attempted to describe Benglis's pieces, and have decided to assess how well I felt they explain her work. These are taken from reviews of her exhibition at the Hepworth Wakefield Gallery.

"Benglis’s sculptures drool and slump. They flex, they tie themselves in knots and fly across the walls. They are full of variety and contradiction. Benglis is great at inchoate mute lumps and just as good with delicacy, the decorative and highly crafted...... Her work can be sexy and funny, gorgeous and faecal...." (21)

I found this description surprisingly accurate I feel it captured the contradictions that presented in her work well and does not attempt to understand the pieces instead the writer appreciates the complex ineffability of the work. I believe the way she describes the sculptures as if they are living and have personalities works extremely well because it gives a larger impression of the movement and excitement in her pieces. It also fits with Benglis's approach to materials because she allows them to behave in their own way.

"In many ways these objects are not straightforward sculptures, their materials are odd; plastic, glitter and wax; their surfaces rough and uneven and forms range from the looming large-scale of ‘The Graces‘ (2003/05) to the narrow reliefs of ‘Grey‘ (1971)." (22) 

Compared to the last description, this description seemed less capable of capturing the excitement of the pieces however I found the need for the writer to reference images of works interesting because it illustrates the complexity of the pieces, such as their heaping and oozing.



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