What I think of the piece - illustrative, playful, looks full of energy, has large amount of movement, even without title easy to read as a quick explosion - explosion of colour to. Notice table still usable, not like Chair filled with fat we saw today which

In an interview when talking about the piece above Hamilton said it was "Made as an image from my archive, the table is made for someone to do their phone calls from" (18) I found this funny because I had totally overlooked the telephone, which I can now see as quite a significant object. The telephone makes reference to artists beyond the exhibition, one which sticks out to me is the 'Lobster Telephone' (19). For Dali the use of the telephone was important because "telephones had strong sexual connotations for him, and he drew a close analogy between food and sex" (20). For me telephones have connotations surrounding communication - how do we communicate? Is it effective? Something this piece evokes for me is the direction of communication. If I see the red blobs as all the information we are putting through the telephone, into the world, we don't get any back. I think the piece would appear quite aggressive if all the blobs diffracted into the viewer. This has made me think about creating a dome fit for one with yellow blobs coming from all angles towards you, looking like they might drip onto you, with a chair you can't sit on in the centre. 

I found this description of the exhibition interesting because I found the idea of re-appropriating objects would be changing the purpose, which I question the extent this has happened. She "has re-appropriated objects from the collection, using unexpected details as starting points for new works." (18) for me she has responded to objects from the collection, not changed their purpose. She has created a completely new piece of work which serves a new purpose, as such she has not changed the purpose of the piece she was inspired. I see this work as a conversation with the previous object, because it is made as a response to the other. I find the most obvious example of this is the Christopher Wood kimono she has created using the same pattern as a jumper worn by a character in his painting. 




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