‘My main area of interest as an artist is with landscape. The landscapes that interest me the most are geolocially explicit landscapes where you can clearly read the narrative of formation or erosion. This leads me to be working with landscapes that are often remote – cliff edges, deserts, odd geological incidents." (2)

What interested me about this quote was the different processes that inspired her work. It seems for me a slight contradiction to have a static piece encompassing a kinetic process. The piece bellow however does have clear relation to the process of erosion, which seems apparent by the viewer being able to see the cracked off piece of 'the earth'. I find it funny how I can't help but see the piece as part of the earth, because the materials so clearly communicate and elude to a large mountain wall of some sort. What I really enjoy about the piece is the layers, it seems very authentically naturally formed. These become clearer in contrast to the cube which has been eroded. When writing this I automatically assumed the piece had crumbling bits coming off the sculpture, however when I look to see it doesn't, I am intrigued by the schema I have in my head having assumed there is some. I think this is because the piece captures movement extremely well.

"overtly geologically- themed works like Basalt (2004), Tilted (2002), Peninsula (1997) and the impressive Mountain (2001): a functioning machine used to demonstrate the effects of tectonic movement using lead shot, wax and a man-powered screw mechanism." (3)

I was interested by the need for human involvement in this piece, as it makes the piece kinetic. It also to me spoke of anthropogenic climate change.

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