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"I Want to Keep on Living, But..." (6 October 2010)

From within the radiantly shining sky, 

appear quietly my infinitely earnest wishes for

finding the truth.

From the end of the universe, they have finally come out

to talk to the dead and living.

With my heart filled with emotions,

I say now from the bottom of m heart

With tears welled up in my eyes.

A wish for a great life that has supported me

in this dizzying world of people filled with glittering love and hope.

And a deep sense of love and hate, and of sorrow and despair 

that reverberates through the end of the universe.

placed in between these, and between abundant human love,

and celebration and love of humanity,

I accumulate hopes for living.

In the midst of this despair,

I wonder if I can still live tomorrow.

Shall I ask my heart everyday for an answer.

From time to time, and with utmost sincerity.


(YAYOI KUSAMA / Edited by Frances Morris)

© Narumi Hirata, all rights reserved