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Rosa Verloop

Verloop's sculptures emphasise the underlying structure of the body - the muscles etc that are hidden by the skin. Up until now we had simply been considering the inside of the body as an environment, but these pieces made us want to explore the outer skin as an environment as well. 

Jana Sterback, Berlinde de Bruyckere and Henry Tonks explore the combination of inside and outside body. Through doing this, they pose questions - Tonks, while the portraits are medical research, also questions the necessity of war, and similarly the taboo surrounding it by being so explicit. De Bruyckere is perhaps exploring exactly what we wish to - the idea of disgust to the inside of the body. Sterback seems to explore disgust and also perhaps mental illnesses that affect the body and maybe questioning our approach to meat production itself.

What Sterback did - placing innards on the skin - inspired us to do the same for out film and photography, making our concept work with wht was available to us and within the time. We placed our "meat foot" in several contrasting locations and tried to incite disgust and horror within the viewer.

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