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This is the one of the her works, "To fix the image in Memory", for this work, Celmins made bronze casts of eleven rocks and then painted the casts to resemble the original stones as closely as possible. She got the idea for this piece while walking in northern New Mexico picking up rocks , as people do, and she brought them home and kept the good ones. She carried them around in the trunk of her car and put them on window sills. She lined them up. And, they formed a set, a kind of constellation. She developed that desire to try and put them into an art context. She thought sort of mocking art in a way, but also to affirm the act of making: the act of looking and making as a primal act of art. By having each original rock installed with its duplicate, her invites the viewer to examine them closely: "Part of the experience of exhibiting them together with the real stones," she has said, "was to create a challenge for your eyes. I wanted your eyes to open wider."

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