To borrow is something that occurs daily, and has occurred throughout the past. Whether it be borrowing from different cultures, borrowing within art or fashion, or the generic daily borrowing items. A lot of the time something is borrowed and becomes its own, as shown in art or fashion. The debate on wether it is appropriate is on going and some may argue that its acceptable is the end product works well and is popular. Marcel Duchamp used a urinal to create this piece of anti-art, he borrowed a piece of ceramic which people piss but it soon became its own art piece. The same can be said in Andy Warhol's 'Campbell's Soup Cans', an image of a well selling product borrowed but becomes involved in a hugely influential art movement. You could argue that it's only borrowed momentarily, but could also argue once something is borrowed part of it forever stays borrowed until it returns to its owner or in the case of Duchamps 'Fountain' becomes a urinal again.

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