A lot can be analysed and thought about when looking at the work of photographer Andreas Gursky. In my opinion there is a fine line between photographer and artist when it comes to Gursky's work, and that is rare for me to say when it comes to photography. Some may think that a landscape or any other subject of a photograph could be less valued because of the amount of people viewing, it becomes more and more recognisable, paintings or drawings are a bit different because the viewer takes into account the skill of the artist and it shows their emotions and the response in how the work is painted or drawn. But i soon saw this similarity within Gursky's work because of the picture above entitled 'Cathedral 1' he was able to depict open cathedral by digitally removing the columns which would've blocked the gothic stained glass. At first i thought this was sort of cheating but soon realised a painter would do similar, by painting what they wanted to see and what others would too, and to share what others might not be able to see. Andreas Gursky claimed his recognisable style of busy compositions.

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