Although scientists have not nearly finished finding out all we can about clay as a material, at this point in time we know alot through research and investigation. Unlike other materials such as metal which are affected negatively by water and fire, heat strengthens clay. Silicon carbide, uranium dioxide, and Carbon can be considered a ceramic because of the affect heat has on them, yet doesn't share little with naturally occurring clays. This allows for no limit when it comes to clay as a material. Even though it hasnt changed since 35,000 years ago.

Common surface clays are found everywhere, as they are the ground of the earth. They densify at lower temperatures, because of natural movements in the earth this surface clay changes in colour and plasticity when picking up impurities during movement. It can occasionally form glazes at temperatures of 1150°C. Being the earth's ground means it can easily been find most places like the beach, in the garden, in the desert and on rocky palisades.

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