As you look at the screen, it is possible to believe you are gazing into eternity, says an absent, artificial female voice in the beginning of Jon Rafmans NSFW Still Life (Betamale) (2013) video. You see the things that were inside you. This is the womb, the original site of the imagination. You do not move your eyes from the screen, you have become invisible.

Still Life (Betamale) confronts some of humanitys newer and more obsessive activities, all things that may be unique to the web (though we?re never sure). The video sets the stage with shots of disgustingly lived-at computer desks covered in bits of food and cigarette ashes, surrounded by energy drinks and dirty dishes. The main character, the fat man with panties covering his face, pointing two guns at his own head, is leading us on a nearly psychosis-inducing stream of various types of fetish and subculture porn  some of the webs darkest and strangest corners. This is not the safe and corporate internet of Facebook or Google; Still Life (Betamale) is drawn from the visually overloaded world of 4chan, as obsessively browsed by a man who lives in his mothers basement.


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