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My favourite piece of the night was Angelina Jesson and Jaron Hill's work Circle Time, a surreal film set in a gross feeling installation. Entering the weird tiny room the sickly blue light and parcel tape securing monitors to walls and large structures with cloth hung off resembles a strange sex dungeon with DIY bdsm vibes and a sickly childrens telly show structure featuring the artists as reborn alien like characters shown exploring the world in nappys and dancing in working mens clubs. 



 'From a geographical or historical vantage point, I use documentary and educational methods to dislocate then recontextualise these vistas. Recently, I have been staging past war landscapes through photography installations and experimental lecturing. Processes like these rely on information and memory to be translated between mediums and myself as a pseudo-academic mediator, therefore gaining and losing details, inventing while questioning new knowledges. Meanwhile, an audience is encouraged to solve these fragmented puzzles, whilst realising their own position within the work.'

Tabti's work struck me due to the lecture medium, he presented a scheduled lecture everyday at 1pm, for the private view it  was presented in three languages.




I have been a reader of The White Pube, an art critism website ran by Gabrielle and Zarina for months and was excited to see their work in the Degree Show, Gabrielle showed a film featuring the strange men who busk in Liverpool City Centre wearing disney character costumes. The video featured a voice over by her sister, a nostalgic take on her Liverpool youth which particularly hit home with me. Zarina's work was one of the most instagrammable/snapchatable of the night as a video featuring her lip-syncing to Craig David wearing a CGI beard is presented onto a industrial scaffolding structure with general meta themes. towards the end of the night the pair performed one of their Art Karaokes which had a extensional crisis vibe, as they list shops they can work at after their degree.


in a little corner section of the 2D studios Molly stands wearing a white shirt, a computer infront of her and racks of tools behind her. We can see a screen with Chat Roulette opened, taking me back to high school when the website was particularly popular. The website pairs a video and chat call with randon strangers online, nowadays it has devolved into a masturbatory tool as 80% of pairings situate you with a shot of a man pleasuring himself, Molly uses this as we see her interactions with men, in a perfomative act she uses the tools asking the men to 'make a sculpture with me'. She brings out a prop and then plays with it, asking for suggestions of how to form a 'sculpture' from it. Referencing bdsm culture, online sexuality in the modern age and broadcasting i found the piece one of the best of the night. 


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