On Wednesday 8th June, myself and Lucie MacGregor using 3D's collaborative Storage Space Project managed by myself, Josh Collings and Ruben Green to do a number of recorded interchanges relating to both of our practices, 

We firstly filmed 'Conversation' a spoken word piece, where both our figures are obscured by hoodies, I wear red for Liverpool and she wears blue for Huddersfield. with our phones in our hands we read from local headlines of Merseyside and Yorkshire. Responding to our feelings of 'otherness' due to our regional accents. When reading the headlines the topics devolve from stabbings and robberies to bees being released in town centres and local celebrities top bars. The piece examines media portrayals of northern reality, both our current work centres around disconnection and displacement and anxiety over modern reality and our shared otherness is portrayed through this work.

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