I was introduced to Sarah Hill, my assigned Third Year to help assist the setting up of her work for the degree show. We were assigned due to similarities in our work, her work was often critical of the university institution, her degree show piece a booklet which had the facade of the universities official Degree Show handbook. The contents of the publication contained subtle criticisms of the commercialisation of CSM and the faults with the structure of the universities teaching.

She accompanied the publication with a video, a green screen video of her throwing up hair balls titled 'Pulling my hair out' which expresses the anxiety and stress the institution forces her into.

I admired the directness of her work, the formats of video and publication are particularly effective as means of communicating information to an audience, she presented the publications in a tray which mirrors the magazine trays which are in the Universities reception area which contain the publications offering course information. 
When placed in her area in the K Space her work seems to mirror the official format of the institutions conventional means of presenting themselves.



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