The week of 6th - 11th sees the hosting of projects by all members of 3D.

Josh Collings' conceived the idea of hosting an experimental exhibition space in 24 hour Access Storage Solutions in Kings Cross.  The project would make use of a rentable space to contextualise a number of the artists in our studios work, many of the interlinking themes involve the contemporary politics and negotiations of space as well as the purpose and binaries of galleries and studios. Josh contacted me in the week before the project began and asked for my involvement in recording the work in the space and setting up livelinks and two way broadcasting streams as he knows of my interest in public broadcasting and wished for the work in the space to be broadcasted into the studio space in order to connect the two spaces. He also asked me to situate my own broadcasting events in the space.

My 'Discussion Installation' the installation titled 'it's fun, it gives you something to do' was a large seating area that was situated in the heart of the 3D studio, it contains 5 monitors, a bench, 3 chairs, 2 large beanbags and a carpeted wooden platform. I had been using this space to situate my own video practise, reframing it within a discursive environment to add to the effect and purpose of the videos i had produced. Josh approached me asking if he could use the space to broadcast into, using my live links we decided to use few monitors to stream broadcasts of the performances and also due to the social nature of the space where around 5-10 people would sit and socialise in daily many connections and performances were planned in my installation.

Around the same time Ruben Green began working on the Beck Road project, this was a group walk to an artist community in Hackney, before our move to the Kings Cross studio the ritualistic pilgrimage would allow us to use the framework of a walk to discuss many of the anxieties of shared studio space and our progessions into the profession of the artist post-graduation. again due to the nature of my installation IFIYSTD, Ruben asked to centre the Beck Road work within the space.

The installation became a media hub, Rubens portable studio entered the circle of seats and provided a speaker system, and another monitor and we began to screen Beck Road films as well as ACCESS performance and broadcasts as well as my own work. 

This melding of practises links to the nature of the ACCESS project as literally anyone were able to approach me, Ruben and Josh to take part. We as a trio were admins of the Facebook group which was used to book performance slots, when a slot were requested, as holders of the keys Josh would accompany the artist to the space to physically let them in and I would stay in my domain of the Installation space to establish the broadcast links through video calling Josh's google account which we then broadcasted to the world via Youtube Live.


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