Thursday was the day of Open Studios,

Initially in this project i wanted to use the format of broadcasting as a medium for the general public to communicate. I contacted a number of Community Centres but from their feedback realised in the two week period i would not have sufficient resources nor preparations to exsersive these media workshops.

I used the Open Studios as a guinia pig, as I defiantly intend to use community centres in this way in my practise next year and over the summer in my home area of Merseyside. Due to the exploitative nature of artist communities in areas such as Assemble in Toxteth and SuperFlex's TennantSpin project in Liverpool, where artists use a community and then leave thus exploiting them for arts sake I established that i needed to plan further my influence and involvement in community practise and realise deeper how I can work with them in a mutually beneficial and generally non-problematic way.

The audience of privileged art students was not my IDEAL audience for this workshop during the Open Studios but it was a starting point for the near future, during the Open Studios I use the streaming service of YOUTUBE LIVE to broadcast out the images of the studio, visitors to the space interact live with the feed, they write messages to the audience and act and play infant of the cameras gaze. 

Self portrayal, representation of identity and narcism are all elements which are projected during this process.

Audience members comment on the feed, asking questions such as 'What is this?' 'What are you doing?" as Studio visitors reply 'HELLO!' 'WELCOME TO OUR STUDIO!' the glowing light of the webcam and computer monitor resonate with images of teenagers bedrooms and are reflected in my video showing on the 3rd monitor which re-apropriates footage of  Channel 4 actors playing 'Chavs' in a bedroom set in the TV series Devo. 












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