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For the first brief We had to design one poster using only one type size, the second only two different type sizes and for the third any combination of the available type sizes. I found this quite hard, having to do everything by eye and not using any technology. 

For the second brief we had to design the front and back cover as well as the inside pages of Darker Than Fiction, Short Stories by Marcus Bastel. Because it is many short stories I didn't want to focus on one in specific, but instead in the general theme or at least combine two stories. For the first cover I did I played with the theme and just typography but after the critc I wanted to change a little bit and use as inspiration : Humanitarian Aid, Glass of Water, when is half full and half empty; Blind Man's Bluff, All the mist; Underneath: Dense pine forest/thick. Creating a sort of escape from this. 


After this crit I decided to try different layouts for the cover and decided on the one that has a simple pattern that shows a building with lots of window by only one has the light open. On the back page the light rays are coming through the page to light up the author's critics. It has very simple tones and I think it represents well the message of short stories by the way the building window's are laid out. 

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