Good afternoon!

My name is Georgina Rowlands, I am a BA Fine Art Student in Central Saint Martins - University of the Arts London, my artistic practice includes working with communities and using teaching and education as a tool to give back to communities through free workshops. 
I am currently working on a Broadcasting workshop, where members of the public will be able to use my platform to broadcast whatever they would like - crafts, performance, music, dance. Through a public access media platform. 
I am also working on free collaborative publications and 'zine' workshops, where members of the public are invited to submit essays, poetry, photography and artwork to publications which will be distributed to participants.
I am particularly interested in the members of the De Beauvoir area as I live nearby and would be interested in possibly housing one or more of these workshops in your community centre in De Beauvoir Town. These workshops would be free to the public and all materials and equipment would be provided by me and the University. 
I would love to involve you and your wonderful organisation in my projects as I deeply admire your continued involvement in the De Beauvoir area and your role in integrating artistic practice into the local community.
Thanks for reading,
Best wishes,
Georgina Rowlands

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