Stephan Dillemuth sees art and its distinct qualities as a tool for research and critical reflection of the circumstances of contemporary life. With its inherent methods of reflection, analysis, and experimentation, art, he believes, creates beauty, but it also has the potential to change society. His inquiry into recent changes in the idea of the public sphere takes place against the backdrop of our globalised, localised and fragmented publics. Here we can see  historical trajectories of liberation, e.g. those of bohemia, lebensreform and self-expression intersecting with new technologies of surveillance and control in order to establish a new ideology of 'freedom' as a totalitarian rule. What are the conflicts at hand?

You Have Been Misinformed with Stephan Dillemuth. 2008

Reinterpreting some of the formal elements of an obsolete modernist plaza in NYC?s financial district ? 77 Water Street ? the artists invoked some of the more glamorous days of Manhattan, when arts and financial markets started with a certain optimism to weave the global fabric. Plopped into the ?plaza? is an installation of video fragments that recreate articles and quotes from the Financial Times and the International Herald Tribune as performance pieces reporting on art finance, the credit crunch and the new class of mega-rich art patrons. The video was filmed on site in the Wall Street area and on the waterfront under the George Washington Bridge.




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