Social practice and activism

Socially engaged practice can be associated with activism because it often deals with political issues. Artists who work within this field will often spend much time integrating into the specific community which they wish to help, educate or simply share with. Artist Rick Lowe explains:

You have to spend years developing relationships…  It’d be an arrogant disregard of a community to come in and think you can grasp all the complexities of a place in a short time. 
Interview with Carolina A. Miranda, LA Times, 2014

The artists’ aim could be to help this community work towards a common goal, raise awareness and encourage conversation around issues, or perhaps to improve their physical or psychological conditions. 

In focus: Assemble

Assemble Group Photo 2014
Assemble Group Photo 2014

2015’s winners of the Turner Prize, Assemble, are a perfect example of artists using socially engaged practise because they collaborate with residents to improve their local area.


quote from assemble 'The thing i really like about the Granby project is how it can mean so many different things so different people, for some people its 'art' for some it its the street they have lived their entire lives on and are battling to save, then for others its a brand new house to live in'

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