Ruins aims to bridge Greece’s urgent political moment with visuals of great aesthetic value. Started as a fashion magazine, but in light of all the things that were happening in Greece last summer Ruins quickly evolved into a publication more about politics than clothing. ‘‘A lot of the editorials are done in Greece, using all the natural light that is unavailable in London. The magazine is a mix of both worlds, North and South,” says Christos Petritzis, editor of Ruins.

The first issue, named ‘growth euphoria crisis’, explores the place of fashion, culture and spectacle within the context of a world in recession. “The idea that our resources are running out, and the instabilities and finitude of the global capitalist system have been exposed in this process.” Petritzis continues,‘‘The fashion imagery of Ruins confronts crisis and does not want to retreat to nostalgia, which is what most fashion magazines are currently doing – referencing the aesthetics of 90s-00s market euphoria and economic stability’’.


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