'It is a surreal sight - a single home lies stranded and alone in a large area of flattened streets in the centre of a demolished housing estate.

Inside Out meets Charlie Wright who lives in the house, which was once surrounded by 600 council properties which made up Birkenhead's River Streets.

The home is literally the "last house standing". There are no neighbours, no streets and no community.

The estate was once home to thousands of workers who sustained Birkenhead's manufacturing and shipbuilding industries.

The plan was to clear the homes to make way for new factories, but the jobs and investment failed to materialise.

Charlie is determined to stay in the neighbourhood where he has lived for 62 years, and has refused the council's offers to buy his house.

But he could be getting new neighbours at last. There are plans to transform the area as part of Wirral Waters, the UK's largest regeneration project.

Credits: Black and white archive footage is courtesy and copyright of British Pathé.

Inside Out is broadcast on Monday, 17 February at 19:30 GMT on BBC One North West and nationwide for seven days thereafter on the iPlayer.'

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