The term 'chav' represents someone from a low socioeconomic background, they to be a delinquent, travel in groups, and have a distinct style of dress. 

The male 'chav' or townie originates in my cultural context from the entrapment of masculine culture, Merseyside being once a heavily industrial area, the port and shipbuilding being a major source of employment in the early 21st century. The era of Thatcherism left alot of our population unemployed, with nowhere to turn but benefits due to no viable jobs suitable for a industrial skill-set the modern era of jobs lie in the service sector. Due to this the lower classes have a strong hatred of authority and institution a internal dilemna of purpose and striving masculinity leaves the lower classes in social decay where the rest of the country looks on with prying eyes, reality shows like 'Channel 4s Benefit Street' takes the piss out of the lower classes branding them as lazy and abusive to the system. What does it mean to be working class now? 

I think CHAV culture is a viable counter culture to the police force. 


The boundaries of low culture and high culture blur, through convergence. Many people are "omnivores", making cultural choices from different menus.[3] The 1990s artwork ofJeff Koons appropriate low art tropes of kitsch and pornographyRhys Chatham's musical piece Guitar Trio (1977) is an example of incorporating (low culture) primitive punk rock aesthetics into (high culture) contemporary classical music.

Romanticism was one of the first movements to reappraise "low culture," when previously maligned medieval romances were taken seriously and influenced literature.


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