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The second act had a very distinct difference from the first. The general look of the dancers changed, mainly due to the fact that the costumes were body-tight, highlighting the natural male/female form, rather than being quite shapeless and disguising the form underneath loose fabric. They also had black backs running from neck to ankle, and colour at the front - I found this added an intriguing aspect to the performance as the dancers seems to appear and disappear when turned to face the black background. There was a sense of moving in and out of focus that was very interesting.

The music was very different from the first act as well. It was much more in the rock genre, and the dancers' moves reflected this. The moves were very quick and on beat, as opposed to the much more languid and flowing movement of the first act. Also contrary to the first act, there wasn't at all much interaction between the dancers. There was a lot more solo work which lead me to think that the piece was more about isolation and helplessness. The choreography involved a lot of canons (i.e. when the dancers do the same routine but a beat or two after each other so that there is a wave like effect) which gave me a sense of following in a crowd, or doing something just because society thinks you should, etc. There was the introduction of the use of the spotlight in this act which definitely enhanced the feeling of isolation throughout the piece. 

I haven't read up on what the true meaning was behind the piece, but I'd like to think the company would be pleased that the audience is interpreting it how they saw it.

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