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The first act started out very powerfully, with one female dancer descending from above on to the stage. Already I can sense that there is a strong feeling of androgyny going on; the female dancer has boy-like facial features, a shaved head, and is wearing a plain black tunic type dress, that a male dancer comes out wearing as well soon after she has landed on the stage.

At the end of the first act, I collected my thoughts and feelings that I felt throughout the show. I got a strong sense of fluidity and connection between not just the dancers, but also with the audience. All of the dances were connected in a subtle way, for example there was always a dancer remaining on stage until the next one arrived. 

The music was very eerie and quite slow. The voice was melodic and suited the movement very well. I was curious as to whether the same vocal artist would be used throughout the whole performance.

The background was very plain, consisting of just a large block colour or gradient. This complemented well with the plain black costumes the dancers adorned.

Clark himself came out for a small introductory piece, using hand gestures to communicate with the dancers. I was also interested at to whether he would appear again during the show.

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