TUTORIAL 3.5.2016

In my tutorial today I discussed the work I made in the Kings Cross Residency and the growing development of my research for my UNIT 4 project. I discussed my ideas surrounding the status of objects and relating political structural power to Installation art. I plan to make an installation of objects and a video work that discusses societal concepts such as the Big Society, a conservative plan to restructure power in communities which seemingly devolves power.

'Since 1999, the way the United Kingdom is run has been transformed by devolution - a process designed to decentralise government and give more powers to the three nations which, together with England, make up the UK.The United Kingdom is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.Devolution essentially means the transfer of powers from the UK parliament in London to assemblies in Cardiff and Belfast, and the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.'

The Big Society The Big Society was a political ideology. developed in the early 21st century. The idea proposes "integrating the free market with a theory of social solidarity based on hierarchyand voluntarism". Conceptually it "draws on a mix of conservative communitarianism and libertarian paternalism". Its roots "can be traced back to the 1990s, and to early attempts to develop a non-Thatcherite, or post-Thatcherite, brand of UK conservatism" such as David Willets' Civic Conservatism and the revival of Red Toryism'


Focusing on this masquerade of socialism in new Conservatism, David Cameron wrote how he wishes to 'test' these strategies in Liverpool; Eden Valley, Cumbria; Windsor and Maidenhead; and the London borough of Sutton. Being from Merseyside I was interested in how his work in Liverpool with effect my area. An area firstly with a strong left political perspective having  recently has been among the lowest in any part of Britain, particularly since the monetarist economic policies of prime minister Margaret Thatcher after her 1979 general election victory contributed to high unemployment in the city which did not begin to fall for many years.

AD gave me the names of some writers and artists who work in Liverpool and create work focusing on Big Society. 

He also told me to look at the work of several artists:

MARK LOMBARDI an American neo-conceptual artist whos work takes the form of drawings that document alleged financial and political frauds by power brokers, and in general "the uses and abuses of power"

ON THE SCRAP HEAP Birkenhead, 1985 documentary


STEPHAN WILLET He lives and works in London. Stephen Willats is a pioneer of conceptual art. Since the early 1960s he has created work concerned with extending the territory in which art functions.

DAVID HAMMONS  is an American artist especially known for his works in and around New York City and Los Angelesduring the 1970s and 1980s.


Red Tory: How Left and Right have Broken Britain and How we can Fix It Paperback – 2 Apr 2010 - Phillip Blond

Liverpool Writers to contact about BIG SOCIETY:

Grace Harrison, Brian Ashton (writer for Mute), David Jacques.




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