On day two of the residency I reflected on my experiance in the 12-2:30 work, a grid of images of repeated architectural features in the Kings Cross Granary building, i was interested in how repetition of architectural features and furniture objects can enforce a AUTHORITARIAN effect on the users of the building. 

I wanted to take advantage of the social aspect of this space, the constant flow of people moving through the space and its purpose, which is to commute to lessons, to facilitate the canteen and general movement through the institutional facility. I wanted to move objects around the space to challenge how this would effect peoples paths, instead of mindless walking i wanted to curve and curate the pathways and journeys taken in the day.  Having no access of workshops due to the priority of third years, I wanted to use scrap wood and objects found in the space to reflect on objects from the space being used to create diversions. 



Moving objects into the centre of the street causes people to move around the 'obstacles' physically changing their path around the object causes the users of the space to consider their movements, i am manipulating the physical movements and judgements made when walking. It was clear that these obstacles changed the routes people took, as soon as I placed the objects the security and maintenance members began to change my placement of objects. I laid a number of wooden planks on the floor, wanting people to step over the wood, a manipulation of movement due to placement. A security member kicked the wood out of his way as he passed. Something which broke the authority of the 'Art Object' is the Street is a gallery or exhibition space then the security members denounce the art status of the objects. 


I created barriers from scrap wood, and placed a wall infront of the initial entry point of the street, this parted the sea of people.



Security guards and matinance team moving sculptures from the front of the street to the middle centre of street for 'safety' purposes and ease of acsess. What is the authorship of the work when it is moved or placed (or even curated) by two seperate bodies. if the sculpture is set in space they scrutinise it by denouncing its position as respected art objects, they pick them up and move them as if they are debre or functional barriers. 

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