Upon entering the site, we were briefed on our activity for the day, making a work to display in the street within the period of 12-2:30pm, the work must be based upon our initial experience of entering the site and also a brief tour of the building given by Gary. We were told of the institutional history of the building, and the context of the regeneration of Kings Cross by the property company Argent, the regression of Kings Cross made me think about the history of the area, previously Kings Cross was an area of economic decline with a history of social decay its industrial factories and warehouses home to the working class. Due to the privatisation of the area by the governments regeneration scheme the area is sold and a brand new image is created for KX by the company Argent. This image is one of upper value, businesses like Google and bold modern architecture create a high class area fully shaped and created by Argent. This got me thinking about manipulation of image and how that trickles down to manipulate the people within that area. I recently read 'The Maze' a photography book by Donovan Wylie about The Maze prison in Belfast, a prison which became a microcosm of the political conflict in Northern Ireland, with prisoners segregated according to their political beliefs and membership of paramilitary organizations. It was the scene of violent protests, hunger strikes, mass escapes and deaths of both prisoners and prison staff.

The Maze uses repetition of architectural features and interior furniture to enforce a maddening repetition of space, leaving prisoners feeling trapped and without control. 



This repetition is common in Institutional buildings such as hospitals, schools, universities and government buildings, I'm interested in how the physicality of architecture can create this feeling of submissiveness which relates to my reading and interest in the monument and the social contexts of governmental architecture and the MONOLITH. 

From this i walked around the Granary Building, something that always interested me in my time spent there was how each stairwell was EXACTLY the same, as you enter it, there is a corridor to the classrooms and workshops, sets of lockers run parallel down the corridor, then a set out bathrooms which is parallel to a staircase. I walked around each stairwell, accessing it through the bridges and ascending by the stairs within the stairwell and took images of each of these identical features before compiling them in a grid on the floor displaying this symmetry and repetition.



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