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'Rebecca Horn’s early work focused on the limits and possibilities of human anatomy. She has returned to the subject in a recent series of drawings whose mark-making echoes the scale and movements of her own body. 

In 1968–69, aged 24, Horn spent several months as a hospital inpatient following a serious illness. The experience had a profound impact on her. She was already interested in the representation of distressed bodies, and her series of Hospital Drawings depicts human forms with various physical constraints or prosthetic attachments. Though these seem loosely based on medical tools or animal physiology, their function is not obvious and may appear at turns pleasurable or threatening.'


I chose to primarily look at Rebecca Horn's work as it immediately reflected the idea of restriction on the body, while creating other functions. I wanted to progress on this idea of restrictive yet extending, and they way her background has made her focus on physical constraints and prosthetic attachments, this has led me to progress into researching prosthetic, and also deformed body forms, created by adaptation and evolution, a key aspect I will stick to looking at due to my project proposal.


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