I had progress tutorial of unit 7 in  the afternoon today. 

At the beginning of tutorial, my tutor asked me what I am going to do in unit 7? and what do I want to make in my final project. Then I explain my thinking and eager for unit 7, but I could not my own thinking ,what do I want to do in unit7 while I was talking with tutor. I think my goal of the project is not  clear yet in my brain. On the other hand, tutor guess my theme might make me confuse, because my theme,"GODS" is too broad topic.

In my research,  I read many stories of Greek myth that are related to Gods. However, to try to understand more deeply about Greek  mythology made me confuse, because Greek mythology has a lot of stories and characters compare with the mythology  of other country.  So I am going to focus on one story or a character from Greek myths.

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