Initial idea

My first idea was to create a performance that showed what happened behind closed doors. The abuse the patients were given and treatment they were put through. Going to the science museum helped me understand how tough the material they used were. Choosing durability and price over comfort put into realisation how little care they had to the patient. They treated these issues similarly to physical issues, believing in treatment as bed rest and medication rather than emotional support (certain issues are still currently within our health organisation). 

 These points made me want to look at the physical movement and actions which occurred within the asylum, both from a doctor and patient point of view such as being physically held down to stop the body being damaged while their brain was electrocuted and more personal issues such as a change in body language and communication through movement. I started looking at artists who used mark making to document their actions, using paint, sand, pencil or foreign objection to show a change of body position and movement throughout the body.

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