Still Inspired by the BBC documentary about patients going into fits when reacting to medication and being restrained by nurses as electric currents passed through their brain as a resting mechanism, I wanted to look at movement and body language which may develop in times of stress or pain. In my research on body language, I was amazing to see the clear change in body expression, angle hold when happy vs upset and the little things people do during emotions such as boredom: resting the head on the elbow to support the head and rest, loss of eye contact and looking around the room or fidgeting. 

"A common method sales people use to break a crossed-arms closed position is to give the person something to hold or otherwise ask them to use their hands, for example asking them to hand over something, turn over a page, stand up and so on.I thought about looking at artist"

I started thinking about how I could use these mannerisms within my own piece and researched artists which used movement within their pieces.

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