Week 22: BBC Documentary

To get a better understanding I looked for documentaries covering the history of mental institutes. I found most of the information very shocking and graphic. I was interested to see how dealing mental health has changed over the years and the theories they had on curing diseases during the time. Their ideas made sense, however, weren't thought out properly, such as humanity, care, and long term issues.


I was also surprised to find out that numerous people were admitted for acute illnesses such as agoraphobia. One form of treatment was being injected with insulin, which forcing the body to go into coma's. "allowing for the mind to rest". However, some patients showed sign of side effects and started fitting, they showed little signs of consideration about the individual patient. Other unexpected actions were throwing water over patients for no reason followed by hitting the patient over the head. Their reasoning was "when you work with shit, you become shit". I found this shocking even though this was a minor action.

They talk about the building itself and the long corridors within the ward. Patients would pace the corridors of the asylum all day, but never have enough time to finish the entire building as one corridor turning into another one. This is an idea of how big the building was and the possibility of how many people it could hold.

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