Costume deisgn

From the picture below I wanted to study how costume effected the characters personality and the position they played within the institute. White is shown as the uniform colour many of the characters wear, a colour which is related to being clean and easy to wash, a simple design which used little money to make or throw away if needed, however the use of a uniforms also strips the individual of being a unique character, unable to express their personality through their clothing and other accessories they may wear. The ideas relate to being in a prison, lowering the person's authority in society and in some cases shaving their head and removing shoes as an extra measurement.

((This is a discussion many school encounter, whether the pupil should or shouldn't wear a uniform and the pros and cons which go along with the argument. The answer for many schools around the UK is that it creates equality, less of a reason to be bullied and judged on about class and wealth. It also allows the student to be recognised by others, if they decide to run away or if unwanted people enter the building, they are able to distinctly point out who belongs to a part of the school and who should be removed, allowing for a safe environment. Overall this action is not to belittle the childs authority but to keep them safe and be a good ambassador towards the schools reputation. Other schools disagree with this idea especially seen in north America. They believe a student should be able to choose what they wear giving them freedom. If a uniform is worn, it acts as a society logo, wearing cheerleading outfits, marching band or football jackets. In contrast to this, UK school normally use badges to present authority or leadership towards a group such as house captain or council.))

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